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Level Up Courses helps growing companies sustainably scale to market dominance by installing a leadership culture that ignites high-performing employees, unleashes their talent, and accelerates innovative output.

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In this 30-minute phone call, Level Up wants to hear what's working and what isn't for you and your team. We'll talk you through the next steps you can take (with Level Up right by your side) to help you stand out from the herd.


62 LEVELS IN 16 MODULES  |  $99

It’s time to level up your leadership skills while we rid the world of toxic leaders. Whether you’re a new leader or desire to become one, this course will assist you being a successful leader. Our course is designed by leaders with more than 35 years of proven experience. We’ll cover topics such as, making the jump to leadership, hiring new people and coaching employees so that you achieve your desired organizational results. We trust that the content and materials in this course will be of great assistance to you in fulfilling your leadership legacy.

What people are saying

Lettuce Farm
Green Farm

Workshop Participant

I've learned so much from this leadership training...and I'm willing to bring all of that wisdom and knowledge to my team so that I can be a better leader and I can be more effective.


Praise for The First Cup of Joe Show

Nice to hear your take on topics. Subscribed!

Great content.

Lettuce Farm

Workshop Participant

My main take away was how leadership and your legacy is really tied to the values that you hold. 

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