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Well, look who's nosing around for some information!

If you're looking for leadership courses, advice, peers, or content you're in the right place. Level Up Courses is here to help you be more effective in your current job. To better prepare you for your next leadership role, to help you gain deeper insight into yourself, and to understand how you impact those around you. Ultimately, we’re here to help you make your organization more successful. Let’s make you the best that you can be. We’re here to help you level up.

Whether you're a seasoned, new, or aspiring leader, Level Up Courses teaches you the essentials of great leadership. With over 35 years of leadership experience to share, we bring battle-tested principles, practices, and methods to life to grow the next generation of leaders across the world.


Why do you have a goat in your logo?

We're so glad you asked! Long ago co-founder Jeff and his wife spent their honeymoon in England and while traversing the countryside happened upon a village called Lustleigh. The name stuck with them and after returning to the United States and purchasing a small farm, they christened it Lustleigh Farm.

As their sons Isaiah, Christian, and Eli (now Jeff’s Level Up co-conspirators) spent their formative years in their local 4-H program they gravitated towards showing goats at their county fair. A project they happened upon thanks to some very gracious neighbors who showed them the ropes.

In their heyday, the siblings amassed an award-winning herd of over 70 goats that ranged from kids (baby goats) to seasoned milking does. In addition to winning Best in Show awards for their animals, they were also highly competitive in their respective showmanship (tests of the showman's abilities in the show ring) categories, often taking home top prizes. When they were able to compete at the State level, they again placed high in their classes.

While the goat herd has thinned, the legacy of the Custer Family Alpines lives on through many other 4-H families that they had the privilege to teach and encourage. And the many plaques and ribbons that hang on their childhood bedroom walls. 

But let’s get back to the aforementioned goat in the logo. As we sat around thinking about what should be featured in our logo, a goat immediately became a frontrunner. Now what may come to your mind first are those videos your grandma sends of goat kids running and prancing around on Facebook, or who could forget the Taylor Swift/screaming goat mashup. But for us, the goat has always meant trying to make the best, better.

After raising goats for almost 20 years, we’ve learned a few things along the way. Like, they’ll truly eat almost anything, they’re slightly afraid of the rain, and they’re more mischievous than you can imagine. But they aren’t afraid to try something new or take one step further to explore. So, it seemed natural that a goat become part of our logo and brand. Because we hope, just like it did when we were kids, the goat will push us higher and further—to be the greatest of all time. And we hope that that’s why you’re here too. Let’s start leveling up!


LU - Jeff Square Headshot.jpg


CEO, Director of Content

Jeff helps new and aspiring leaders make the leap to leadership. With over 30 years of leadership experience at a Fortune 500 company and owning his own businesses, he’s passionate about developing leaders and building high impact teams. He’s led teams of up to 600 full-time employees and contractors and places a special emphasis on building employee relationships. In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, creating detailed spreadsheets, gardening, and traveling around the world. (Ask him which country is his favorite to visit!) He resides in the United States.

LU - Isaiah Square Headshot.jpg


Director of Marketing

Isaiah helps companies tell stories through email, content, and social media marketing to increase awareness, engagement, brand loyalty, and sales. Isaiah has held many leadership roles throughout his career and personal life starting when he held officer roles in his local 4-H club. His seven plus years of experience in non-profit arts marketing has proven to him that great leaders cultivate relationships and enhance the customer experience. He currently lives in Seattle, WA and has a degree in Theatre / Arts Administration from Northwestern College.

LU - Christian Square Headshot.jpg


Director of Operations

Christian is an innovator and what he calls a relationshipper. He currently works for a fintech (fancy word for financial technology) startup where he primarily manages the offshore development and tech support teams, in addition to client support, onboarding, product development, and building a winning team. Christian started his leadership development career in 4-H where he lead his club as president, vice president, and treasurer. Christian has worked for Smithfield Foods as an operations management trainee, and temporarily as safety manager for a plant of 700+ employees. He prides himself on being resourceful, easy-going, and timely. Outside of work, he loves woodworking, playing tennis, hiking, traveling, helping others, and spending time with his wife, Leslie.

LU - Eli Square Headshot.jpg


Content & Business Strategist, First Cup of Joe Show Producer

Eli lives and works at Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA. For over six years he's had leadership roles varying from sports team captain to 4-H, church youth group, and his current job at the farm as a Polyface apprentice. He's passionate about helping people gain new skills through teaching and leading.

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