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Ridding the world of toxic leaders

A note from the Level Up team | January 3, 2022

Imagine a world free from toxic leaders. One where arrogant, autocratic, incompetent leaders no longer exist.

That’s our vision at Level Up Courses.

The new year typically means setting new goals, but we’re using this new year to reassess how Level Up Courses can make you a better leader. And what we’ve heard from so many of you (almost 500!) is that our workforce is overrun with toxic leaders.

Many people find themselves unprepared as they take on leadership roles—because making the leap to leadership can be extremely difficult. A leader must enlist a vastly different set of skills than individual contributors (someone not in a leadership role) by using their time and energy on new tasks that can seem alien. And the sad truth is that organizations don’t have a pipeline to leadership in place or the infrastructure and time to help and guide new leaders.

That’s where we can help.

From the very beginnings of Level Up Courses, it’s been a priority to help new and aspiring leaders step confidently into leadership roles with the behaviors and skills they need to succeed. We’ll also help prevent you from becoming the toxic leader of office water cooler lore. You know exactly what we’re talking about here. And if you’re an established leader, there’s always more to learn. We’ll polish your skills to maximize your effectiveness, and possibly point out leadership traits you may knowingly, or unknowingly, be using that are toxic.

Our Level Up: Leadership Course is divided into 16 online self-paced modules. And those modules are made up of 62 levels that each have a 4-to-7 minute video to watch. We’ll take you through topics like setting strategy, change management, processes and systems, building relationships, self-management, and so much more. We’ve also put together a 118-page printable course packet that includes pages for notes of all the great ideas you have or things you want to remember; plus many forms, templates, and tools to help you put into practice your newly learned skills. You can even edit some of these pages to make them work better for you.

We’re launching our website on January 13 at 9 AM CST and we can’t wait to share it with you! It’ll be the home of our leadership courses, blogs, merch (!), and future podcast (more on that in a few weeks!).

If you haven’t already:

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We’ve poured so much thought, knowledge, and heart into Level Up Courses—and we know you'll benefit from it. It’s all because we know that great leadership can make or break people and organizations.

So, join us on our mission to rid the world of toxic leaders.

The Level Up Team

Jeff, Isaiah, Christian, & Eli

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