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We hope to see you at the Foundational Leader Workshop on April 29, 2023!

Real world leaders. Real world examples. And real world tools to help you plot the road map for your leadership legacy. Join Level Up Courses for a one-day workshop that sets the foundation you need to be a successful leader that avoids toxic traits and leaves a legacy.

Cost: $35 (payable by credit/debit card online); payment required to attend workshop

Where: Berean Community Church, 3157 Kenosha Dr NW, Rochester, MN 55901

When: Saturday, April 29, 2023, 8 AM - 4:30 PM


You will:

  • Participate in interactive, practical, hands-on learning

  • Challenge your assumptions and perceptions of leadership

  • Receive tools, tips, and techniques to be a more effective leader

  • Build your professional network


Your leadership skills will improve as you learn to:

  • Set high impact, meaningful goals

  • Build high-performing teams

  • Foster deep and wide relationships

  • Develop yourself and those around you

  • Explore your leadership legacy


Plus, you'll get free access to our 5-hour online course that is packed full of additional leadership development videos, tools and materials that will allow you to continue building on what you'll learn at the workshop. We can't wait for you to implement your newly learned skills right away!


Jeff Custer is a long-time leader at private and Fortune 500 companies where he has developed and led high performance individuals and teams. With over 35 years of experience, he has helped leaders improve their personal effectiveness and the impact they have on their organizations resulting in higher employee retention and increased organizational performance.

Christian Custer is an innovator and what he calls a relationshipper. He currently works for a fintech (fancy word for financial technology) startup where he primarily manages the offshore development and tech support teams, in addition to client support, onboarding, product development, and building a winning team. Christian started his leadership development career in 4-H where he lead his club as president, vice president, and treasurer. Christian has worked for Smithfield Foods as an operations management trainee, and temporarily as safety manager for a plant of 700+ employees. He prides himself on being resourceful, easy-going, and timely.

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